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Cocurantu Hotel Boutique Pucón

Cocurantu Hotel Boutique offers an active, but also passive stay, just a few blocks away from de beach and center of the town, being able to select many sport activities and tours, coming back to a relaxing place in the Hotel. for this, we provide relaxation activities, such as: yoga, massage sessions and a hot tub. In a near future, we would also provide wine tastings, expositions and music.

Our main objective is to provide our guests with a high quality stay, in a natural environment, keeping at all times a concerned look towards our surroundings, and respect to nature and the people in it.   

Cocurantu, "Water of Stone and Sun", 3 words in Mapudungun (Mapuches native language) that represent nature. Positioned in the beautiful town of Pucon, we make allusion to the VIllarrica Lake (Mallalafkén), the Villarrica Volcano (Rukapillán) and the sun, which is the essence of life and existence itself.

Cocurantu is a small family business, with the vision of getting to be recognized as one of the best places to stay in the area, for its excellence and warmth in service, for a personalized attention and for a high quality infrastructure. All of which are elements that provide a good rest, and an experience worthy of repetition, positioning us as a Boutique Hotel.

Our architecture pretends to be distinguished from the rest with the purpose to present a more natural and eco friendly model, with which we can be a contribution to what Pucon and its surroundings represent. 
Cocurantu Hotel Boutique Pucón
Address: Colo-Colo #103, Pucón
E-mail: | Phone: +56 45 2441746